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It has come to my attention in recent times that the Sound Team is disgruntled that they have not been “blogged” about.  Really, this blogging is simply too exhausting, especially when people are forever feeling slighted over such things. The Costume Department still feel they are owed some kind of compensatory blog to make up for the “incident” blog; Denise (our editor) is not thrilled at the way she has been portrayed in the Editing blogs; and now Sound are feeling miffed at the fact they have not been deemed sufficiently interesting to warrant a blog in the first place.

So here goes:

Frank Lipson (see above) is our Sound Designer.  He is the Jessica Watson of the South Solitary team (except older, and male). His greatest disappointment on this job was that he was not required  to kayak across the Bass Strait and then down around the southern-most tip of Tasmania to record the actual Roaring Forties – he would dearly love to have done so, and considers us namby-pambies for not insisting upon it.   As it is, he has gone to many extreme lengths to ensure us a richly authentic soundscape.  Frank will shortly be releasing his CD entitled “South Solitary: the Wind Effects”, which he is hoping to get out before Mary gets her music out.

And here is the lovely Yulia, our dialogue editor, fresh from the icy fjords of Norway, where she spends her days alternately yodelling or spearing minke whales through holes in the ice. (I have never been to Norway and may have it mixed up in my head with some other countries.) Don’t be deceived by the charming demeanour she presents in the photo above. She can be an absolute despot in the ADR suite, and carves up dialogue as intricately as if she was disembowelling a baby seal and rendering its blubber for lantern oil. She has become very adept at mimicking a Welsh accent, and – as well as her native Norwegian – speaks fluent horse and sheep.

And here is our mixer, Andy. You may well ask: “What is this young man doing on a film staffed largely by women in their middle years?” Good question. Andy is not yet 30, so by rights, should not have anything to do with “South Solitary”.  However,  we waived our strict age embargo on this one occasion, on account of the fact he is 29 (“That’s not young”, as Alma would say); also, he is a very good mixer.  As you can see by this picture, Andy almost never finishes his lunch, which we find exasperating and incomprehensible.  When he did the “Are you a Fleet or a Stanley?” quiz (soon to be published on the blog), Andy scored halfway between them both, which makes him almost perfect, if any eligible young ladies happen to be reading this…

And here they are on the last day of our mix, with Mary Finsterer (our composer) and my beloved and long-standing editor Denise Haratzis. What beautiful work they have done, and how grateful I am to each of them for all they have brought to the film.

And that same sentiment applies to all of the South Solitary crew, and indeed, the cast.  Making a film really is a collaboration, and a director is entirely dependent on the skills that everyone else brings to it. Making “South Solitary” has been a joy for me from start to finish, as everybody has thrown themselves into it with such passion, talent, skill and good humour. I am completely grateful and indebted to them all.



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3 responses to “Director’s Blog – The Sound Team

  1. Yulia

    Baaaaaa (that’s sheep for ‘great blog’)

  2. Mia

    Fascinating group of behind-camera film artists … will the lovely Yulia go back to the icy fjords to swim among the minke whales or will she keep carving and disembowelling the voices of Aussie actors so we can hear what they’re mumbling? Cheers, Mia

  3. Pamela Wright

    Loved your blog. Good to see “sound” given the recognition it so richly deserves.

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